Craving the Light

  Craving the Light I do not know about you, but I love when the sun is visible.  My internal spirit is positively different on sunny blue-sky days compared to cloudy gray days.  The light feeds my spirit.  The light lifts my mental energy.  The light enlivens my outlook on the world. It seems like the last year we have been walking through a dark tunnel.  We have used whatever light source we could find to move us through the darkness.  The path through the dark tunnel is beginning to show true signs of light at its end.  I would dare say most of are craving the light in more ways than one: Craving the light to be with family and friends again in person Craving the light to no longer live in fear of this pandemic Craving the light to return to a new normalcy of daily rhtyhms Craving the light to stand up and be present on matters of justice Craving the light to be present in our local community to make a difference Craving the light to be in worhsip again without restrictions Crav